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  • Sep16


    The Dawid Company residing in Sztum has provided welding, metal and steel product  service for many years. Our experienced and highly  (...)

  • Feb08

    Powder coating

    Powder varnishing is a type of technology that applies powder coat of paint on metal elements by using electrostatic spraying. Compressed a (...)

  • Feb08

    Metal machining

    Our main practice is metalworking of alloy, for instance regular steel, galvanized steel and alloy stainless steel (known also as acid-resi (...)

  • Feb15

    Steel construction

    Dawid Company has 25- year experience in production and assembly of steel construction, establishing considerable number of satisfied custo (...)

  • Feb15

    Cutting of metal

    Different types of sawing are distinguished in a process of metal sawing, depending on used energy, cut speed, loss size and the quality of (...)