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Shipbuilding Products P.P.H "Dawid" Sp. z o.o.

Manufacturing and Trading Company  ‘’Dawid” Sp. z o.o.  (Limited Liability Company) based in Sztum operates in the field of manufacturing different types of equipment, finished products and steel constructions for shipyard industry. We produce ladders, cable trays, cable cleats, cable conductors, handles, perforated angles and other shipyard products manufactured according to the design of the customer.

All products are available in different sizes, they are made of steel, galvanized steel (electro and hot-dip galvanization), alloy stainless steel or sheet aluminum. Steel shipyard products can be covered with protective base  or powder coating. Galvanization layer is provided with powder coating.  

All our products can be complemented with bolts, tiles and attachment rail available in our shop.

Our products are granted with high quality proven with international certificates.

Our experienced and highly qualified personnel is able to provide any service in the area of shipyard construction. 

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  • Bracket bipedal DAW 40-31

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  • Channel simple

    Cable trays

  • Handle DAW 40-38


  • Ladder PD

    Cable Ladder

  • Perforated corners

    Perforated corners