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Cutting of metal Services

Different types of sawing are distinguished in a process of metal sawing, depending on used energy, cut speed, loss size and the quality of cut edges. We incorporate two types of cutting: thermal and plasma cutting.  

Thermal cutting is warming with metal gas flame in order to oxidize and duck the whole piece of the  cut metal. The area of cutting is heated with flammable gas until proper temperature is reached.  The process is provided with special type of burners.  

Plasma cutting  is provided with electric arc, highly ionized gas with great molecule density and huge kinetic energy. The temperature of the plasma flux eqauls from 10000 to 30000 C. Plasma jests are made of copper and cooled with protective gas or water. Cutting elements are free from distortion, another significant advantage of such process is its high speed.

Dawid Company  owns NC-controlled plasma cutting tool capable of cutting the metal sheet of 3 x 10 m.