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Metal machining Services

Our main practice is metalworking of alloy, for instance regular steel, galvanized steel and alloy stainless steel (known also as acid-resistant steel). 

We have considerable 20-year experience in manufacturing final products, we also own modern machine park. Our best service of metalworking is approved with ISO quality certificate.

Our qualified working team is able to perform all service concerning metalworking such as: milling, turning and grinding of metal. We also provide welding and iron-working service.

Our company offers service in the area of metal cleaning- gristing.

Upon customer’s request our metal products can be subjected to shot peening and protecting with base coat or covering with powdered coat.

Our metal products are used for the purpose of shipyard, mining and agriculture industry.

We act according to detailed design documentation, alternatively, we prepare our own projects by using modern software such as CAD/CAM. 

Our machine park is provided with:

  • Metalworking devices (milling machines, lathes and drillers).
  • Shear sheet metal to 13 mm,
  • Guillotine shears to 4 mm.
  • Eccentric presses of force to 250 T.
  • Hydraulic presses of force to 100 T.
  •  Numerically controlled plasma and thermal cutting machines
  • Semi-automatic welder colled with wleding liquid by MIG/MAG method
  • Powder painting devices