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Powder coating Services

Powder varnishing is a type of technology that applies powder coat of paint on metal elements by using electrostatic spraying. Compressed air is used in powder coating process to keep the material in a liquid form. Electrifying the molecules enables accurate formulation of film fitting closely to the metal surface. For the purpose of hardening such parts are then placed in the oven with temperature reaching 160- 200 C – depending on the powder coat type.

There is not a neccesity to use pre-treatment base prior to powder coating. Such layers provide smooth, non-dump patch surface. One powder coating layer  equals four solvent-based paint layers.

Such coated elements are provided with great corrosion resistance and good quality appearance.

No toxic solvants are applied during powder coating, thus, no harmful gas and poisonous substances  are emitted  into the atmosphere while thermal hardening.

Such coating is safe for the environment as well as for the people, it has been affirmed that any contact of coated elements with food and drinking water causes no harm for people.  

We provide  coating for elements of the following dimension: 

- height to 1300mm,

- width to 1100mm,

- lenght to 2100mm