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Welding Services

The Dawid Company residing in Sztum has provided welding, metal and steel product  service for many years. Our experienced and highly qualified welders are able to perform almost any welding order.

We are experts in TIG, MIG and MAG methods. First method enables the highest quality weld in non-alloy and low alloy steel, as well as stainless and high alloy steel. We deal with welding the metal sheet of 0,7 and more mm. MIG and MAG methods provide best productivity at welding thicker materials such as sheet, profiles, bars, pipes and other construction materials.

MAG (Metal Active Gas) is arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode covered with a gas flux to lay weld. This process uses the form of an electric arc to joint the wire. Effusing  gas (CO2)  shields the ending of the wire, the electric arc and weld pool from harmful atmosphere effect. MAG is applied in welding alloy steel and non-iron metal.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas)  inert gas shielded metal arc welding is similar to MAG welding method. Effusing gas (Ar, He) shields the ending of the wire, electric arc and weld pool form harmful atmosphere effect. Such method is applied while welding the alloy steel and non-iron metal, aluminum and its alloy and copper.

Benefits of  MIG/MAG welding:
- observing welding pool and arc,
- welding wide variety of materials,
- high productivity of the process,
-possibility of mechanization and robotization of the process.